The Rompatent Design Agency for the Industrial Property which is  specialized in the protection of the industrial property rights in Romania proposes to You, who own  a product or a distinctive sign of the   intelectual creation having industrial applicability  to realize the importance and the true value of Your achievements and the dangers You are subjected to   if You would not action effectively for their protection in a world in which the plagiarism takes so much aspects.

It is this risk which determined us to propose ourselves that first of all to advise You with consultancy before You start any proceeding before the competent authorities for registering Your creations such as an invention,a utility model, a trademark and a service mark and not at the last an industrial design or model.

We undestand to answer promptly to any request irrespective of your option for us to represent or not You in starting the subsequent legal proceedings realizing that the purpose of a specialised agency is not only an economic purpose for making profit but also that together other state institutions to fight against the plagiation using available legal instruments and also an activity of prevention consisting in consultancy having in most cases financial consequences on Your patrimony.  

We are a newly created team but each of us have a long expertize of  more than 15 years in the legal field of the protection of the industrial property rights working either only in the private specialised field or at a certain moment, representing the interests of the Romanian State in fighting the counterfeit and the plagiation.

We offer responsibility and respect in coopteration with You being convinced that our atitude wiil generate similar reactions.