Anders Celsius

Anders Celsius (b. November 27 , 1701,  Ovanåker – d. April 25 , 1744, Uppsala) was an Swedish astronomer, physicist and inventor.

Biographical  Data

Anders Celsius was born in  Ovanåker în Sweden on November  27 , 1701. He was a professor of astronomy at The University of Upsala between 1730 and  1744. Celsius deals also equally with geodesy  and  physics. He studied the auroras boreal and explained this phenomenon for the first time by the terestrial magnetism

In 1737 he participates in an expedition in Laponia to Tomeo led by Pierre Louis Maupertuis, Alexis Claude Clairaut and Pierre-Charles Lemonnier for the determination of the length of a degree along the meridian. The expedition showed that the Earth is not perfectly spherical (it is  flattened at the poles), confirming the idea of Isaac Newton.

In  1742, he elaborates a thermometer with mercury based on the centesimal scale of temperatures where the point “0″ indicates the freezing  point and „100” – the boiling point of water. His name was attributed to degrees on the thermometer  (degree C).

He died of tuberculosis at the age of only 43 years..