Our Agency which is specialized in the recognition, the protection and the consolidation of the industrial property rights in Romania provides You information concerning the fees perceived by The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, which is the unique authority on the Romanian teritory for all procedures initiated before it concerning the patents, marks and geographic denominations, industrial designs and models ant the utility models.

According to the legislation now in force, the Romanian citizens or  the foreign citizens residing in  Romania as well as the the juristic persons residing in Romania or the activity of whom is subject to the Romanian laws will pay the fees in Romanian currency (lei). The foreign citizens will pay the fees in Euro . Our honorar will be perceived in lei or in euro as mentioned herein.

The tariffs were conceived by our management team depending on the quality and promptitude of the services provided by us as well as on the complexity of services requested by You they being flexible and negociated with each individual client

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