The Designs and Models are creations on the border between art and industry making it possible to individualize the industrial products by an aesthetic element..

The designs are assembleys of lines and colours executed on plane surfaces which when applied on an industrial product gives it a new decorative aspect.

Unlike the designs, the models are three-dimensional creations which give to the product a new aspect, distinct from others of the same category  .

For being protected in Romania the designs and models should have a novelty character deriving from the manner in which they are conceived and an individual feature which induce to all users the certitude that they are different from others which were made public previously..

Unlike the utility models, the recognition and protecion of which are made in a declarative system, for the idustrial designs and models The Romanian Legislator has established the attributive system  according to which their admission and protection are made only after their formal and substantive examination.

In Romania, the validity period of a Registration Certificate for industrial designs and models is of 10 years with the possibility of three renewals for three successive  periods of 5 years each..

Our Agency provides You consultancy before drafting an application for the registration to estimate the chances of obtaining  the protection based upon the criteria for the admission refering concretely to Your creation.

After this primary consultancy stage  which is free of charge, if You decide for us to represent You, our services consist in  :

  • Filing with The State Office for Inventions and Trade Marks of the application for registration,  doing the payment of legal fees, drafting answers to the official notificatios, making translations if necessary, representing You if there are oppositions on the registration of Your design or model, obtaining the Registration Certificate.;
  • Drafting oppositions concerning requests of registrations made by third parties in case We together with You consider that they infringe Your interests ;
  • Appeals against the decisions of rejection or admittance in part of Your aplication as well as other necessary other actions after solving said appeals ;
  • Consultancy concerning the protection of the patrimonial or non-patrimonial rights You have after the registration of a design or model  ;
  • Consultancy in case You want to transfer Your rights by an assignment or license agreement ;
  • Consultancy and representation in case of infringement of Your rights by civil process actions as well as penal process actions.


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