Our Agency for Industrial Property provides services of consultancy and representation before the competent authorities for obtaining :

National Patents;
European Patents;
Supplementary Protection Certificates.

You surely know that for being patentable an invention must be new, involve an inventive activity and be susceptible to an industrial application.

The patent is the official document issued in Romania by The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks through which it is attested and recognizad the legal protection on Your invention for a maximum period of 20 years..

We offer also consultancy concerning Your  chances of success to  receive  the protection for the invention previously to filing the patent applications thus helping  You not to make useless expenses when the protection would not be obtained because Your invention doesn’t  fulfill the conditions of patentability.  .

Our services for the proceedings to obtain the protection in Romania consist in:

  • Availabitity researches made previously to file the patent application;
  • Drafting the whole patent documentation and if the case making the necesary translations;
  • Filing the patent applications and paying the legal fees ;
  • Making the correspondence with The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks  concernng the official notifications up to granting The Patent Certificate  ;
  • Representation in case of possible litigations concerning the Patents ;
  • Obtaining the Patents .

After the Patent delivery We can offer consultancy concerning :

  • The protection of Your interests in Romania issuing from the author’s rights.
  • The right for the name of Your invention ;
  • The right to meke public the invention;
  • Defence of Your rights when the exclusive right of the invention’s exploitation is infringed by actions of third parties on the Romanian territory ;
  • Defence of the priority rights of Your inventions ;
  • The assignment of the invention’s rights ;
  • The transfer of the rights of the exploitation of the invention ;
  • Monitoring and payment of the annuity fees for  the entire period of protection of Your Patent ;
  • Performing appeals before The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks  by drafting the reasons for supporting your positions and for defending against the revocation requests made by third parties ;
  • Performing on Your name based on a special mandate of actions on counterfeit and unfair competition before the competent authorities of Romania ;
  • Obtaining civil assuring and reparative measures in case of infringements of Your patrimonial or non-patrimonial rights on the invention.



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