As We all know, a trademark is a sign susceptible for graphic illustration used by enterprises and trade companies in order to  distinguish their goods and /or services from similar or identical goods of other enterprises  and for this reason it must be recognized and protected as a denomination, a slogan or an advertising title, letters, figures, figurative elements, three dimensional shapes of goods or of packagings, colours of goods or of packagings or just acoustic signals.

The registration of trademarks is made depending on their classification in categories of goods or services indexed in  45 classes, fact which is of particular importance when We shall  start together with You  the procedure of the registration in Romania.

The registration of a trademark with the competent authority in our country which is The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks provides You an exclusive right of its exploitation on the territory of Romania  for a period of 10 Years with the possibility of its renewal for a period of another 10 years.

Our professional competence extends also to the services concerning the protection of an authocthonous trademark at a European community or interntional level .

  • Consequently, depending on the stage on which you are situated, We propose You to chose in all or in part our services of consultancy previously to the registration of the trade mark and during  the entire period of filing and prosecution for granting the registration and, finally , for the protection of of Your rights deriving from the trademark registration, namely :
  • Preliminary consultancy concerning the selection of the distinctive sign for defining and pesonalizing Your business ;
  • Consultancy for selecting the categories of goods and services for which You are to request the protection of the trademark ;
  • The documentary research concerning the availability of a denomination ;
  • Representation before The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) for filing the  application for the trademark  registration and its monitoring  from the filing up to granting the Registration Certificate;
  • Representation concerning possible litigations on the trademark : oppositions,   objections , appeals;
  • The payment of legal fees ;
  • Oppositions concerning trademarks filed after Yours;
  • Consultancy provided after granting the protection deriving from the right of exclusive expoitation and the priority right on the Romanian territory;
  • Consultancy for drafting and negociating assignment and licence agreements for Your trademark ;
  • Monitoring the filing of similar trademarks or  almost identical to that of Yours  by third parties on the period of protection and drafting oppositions.

It is important to inform You that according to the legislation  now in force which was recently modified, in Romania the Owner of a registered trademark doesn’t benefit any more by the automatic recognition of his rights  versus new applicants and therefore it is important for us to have an active role and to monitor the new deposits of applications for registration  of trademarks which would damage Your interests and also to take measures in due time by filing oppositions.

We offer these services at request or based upon a consultancy-monitoring contract concluded for certain periods of time , situation on which depending on Your option, We make weekly surveys .

The consultancy concerning the protection of Your trademark consisting in actions against counterfeit and unfair competition based upon a special mandate which You can give us before the competent authorities of Romania.

We are together with You also in the procedeures for registering  community and international trademarks.

A distinctive element of our services consists in providing  consultancy concernng the protection and recognition of the grographic denominations in Romania but also in providing services of representation before The  State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

We may be contacted by the associations of producers who fulfill  production activities in any geographic region of the World.


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